Massive factory sign in Silverwater, NSW 
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  • Factory sign panels installation is complete
  • Galvanised Steel Frame Sign in Silverwater NSW
  • Crane is lifting galvanised steel frame up
  • Crane is ready to lift the Galvanised Steel Frame up
  • Galvanised Steel Frame lifted up
  • The boys are getting ready for work 
  • Welding the Galvanised Steel Frame together 
  • Using Lift Up crane to lift the welders up
  • Construction Operations Pty Ltd
  • Silverwater NSW - Construction Operations Pty Ltd
  • The crane getting ready to lift another part from the Galvanised Steel Frame -
  • Construction Operations Pty Ltd
  • Carpentry Contractors- 
  • Fixing panels onto the galvanised steel frame - Construction Operations Pty Ltd
  • Panels installation
  • The galvanised steel frame is complete
  • Imported panels from China
  • Construction Operations Pty Ltd
  • The process of the panels installation 
  • Panels installation is complete 
  • Side view
  • Amazing finish
  • Job is done and complete

Construction Operations Pty Ltd - For All Your Carpentry Needs.

Project information: This is a huge sign construction, using galvanised steel frame and stainless steel sheets

More information: We have assisted the builder besides the steel fabricators, in the construction of this massive sign.

I and the workers enjoyed the work on this challenging project.

Work activities:

  • Measure and mark for the sign frame and footings.
  • Assist in fixing the stainless steel sheets.
  • Assist in giving solutions to some of the difficult issues during the construction process.

  • One example, is giving a solution to fix and install the stainless steel sheets on the galvanised steel frame; for some reason, the stainless steel sheets arrived from China way shorter, than what the builder has allowed for, when he constructed the galvanised steel frame.

    The project completed and delivered successfully, and on budget.. Happy Owner.. Builder.. and Construction Operations Pty Ltd
    Project ID: 133