CSR Hebel

Why Choose CSR Hebel

Hebel is a proven masonry building product used in residential, commercial, industrial and civil buildings. In fact, it is a lightweight construction material.

A high performance autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) available in panels or blocks, Hebel is strong, versatile and resilient. It is quick and easy to build with, better to live in and is a sustainable building material.

What is AAC?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a lightweight, strong masonry product.

ACC was developed over 70 years ago in Scandanavia. Today, ACC is a mainstream building material in Europe, Japan, Russia, China, much of Asia and increasingly Australia.

AAC is manufactured using naturally available materials such as sand, cement, lime, gypsum and small amounts of aluminium. AAC is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly masonry product.

Where can Hebel be used?

Hebel can be used in a variety type of construction as showing below:


You deserve a beautifully rendered masonry home that is solid, comfortable and affordable. From your walls to your flooring to your fence, Hebel is fast to build with, cuts out noise and is a great insulator. You will love coming home to Hebel.

Renovations and additions

Hebel makes major renovations or additions to your home easy. Using our highly versatile masonry panels and flooring, you can create your own design or go with the innovative POD solution.

Multi-residential and retirement

Construction times are slashed using Hebel's masonry systems for external walls, internal walls and solid flooring. Plus, Hebel creates a quieter and more comfortable living environment for residents.


Hebel is a versatile masonry material that is ideal for internal and external walls in apartment buildings, particularly where fire and acoustic ratings are required. It is easy to install, extremely lightweight, and steel reinforced, too.

Commercial and industrial

Used in a range of applications within Hospitality, Retail, Office, Hospital and Industrial buildings – particularly where fire, acoustic and thermal ratings are required – the Hebel panel system is extremely solid, safe and secure.

Civil and utilities

PowerShield is a fire certified and tunable acoustic solution that protects critical assets in utilities and infrastructure. This Hebel product is ideal for sound barriers, firewalls, tunnels, power stations, rail, substations and highly flammable chemical storage.

Sound barriers

Hebel Soundbarrier is a highly effective acoustic barrier system that significantly reduces noise levels from industry, freeways and rail corridors.


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Benefits of Hebel

Hebel brings building your new home into the 21st century by providing the look and solid feel of brick and then adding comfort, environmental and acoustic benefits that only a Hebel home can deliver.

Due to its unique content structure Hebel requires less energy to keep your home comfortable and is faster to build than other materials so you can be enjoying the many comforts of your new Hebel home sooner.

Faster construction times

Hebel brings building your new home into the 21st century by providing the look and solid feel of brick and then adding comfort, environmental and acoustic benefits that only a Hebel home can deliver.

Hebel is a strong and robust building material that’s extremely cost effective. Given that Hebel panels can easily be cut on-site using standard tools, construction times are slashed and there is less wastage. The result is lower labour costs and significant savings for the homeowner.

Installing one Hebel panel (3000mm x 600mm) is approximately equivalent to laying 75 standard bricks – without the mess.

Two Hebel specialist installers can install up to 150m2 in just 3 days (weather permitting).

Similar resistance to traditional brick: Being a high-quality masonry product, Hebel panels provide the solid feel, security and peace-of mind associated with traditional claybricks. In fact, independent tests show that a rendered Hebel wall has similar impact resistance to brick when using a claw hammer. The steel reinforced Hebel internal walls also add strength and security between rooms compared to plasterbaord systems.

Independent tests show that Hebel PowerPanel has comparable impact resistance to brick when hit with a claw hammer.

*Report 0164 Orica 06.09.05

Superior insulation qualities

Hebel panels have superior insulation qualities compared to other masonry products. With better thermal resistance and thermal mass, Hebel is a smart choice for meeting Australia’s stringent building regulations. And, for homeowners, it means there is less reliance on heaters or air conditioners – helping to save money and being kinder to the environment, too.

Comparison of thermal values (R-Values): Fibre Cement – 0.003; Brick 110mm – 0.018; Hebel PowerPanel – >52 (based on 8.15% moisture content).

BCA 2012. R-Values for brick veneer provided by James Fricker calculation 107.50 july 2010

A better environmental choice

Hebel offers clear environmental benefits over brick and concrete – as shown in an independent assessment of the environmental impacts of a product’s entire lifecycle. The assessment, undertaken by GECA in accordance with international standard ISO 14 024, shows Hebel is a much greener option for building. It has 61% and 64% less embodied energy than concrete or brick veneer, respectively; and 65% and 55% less greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability for a better world starts today, using Hebel.

Overall, Hebel has a 30% lower environmental impact than concrete or brick veneer. With GECA's tick of approval, you can be confident that you are using a cleaner, greener building product.

Better acoustic qualities

Hebel gives you more peace and quiet. When compared to polystyrene and many fibre cement external walls, and particleboard for flooring, Hebel's unique building material significantly reduces sound transmission between rooms and reduces the noise from external sources, like traffic, too. So whether you have a home theatre system or simply want more privacy, Hebel is the ideal choice.

Hebel PowerFloor 75mm achieves 36DB

Hebel PowerFloor 75mm achieves 36DB

Highly fire resistant

Hebel is renowned for its fire resistant properties. A non-combustible material, Hebel's block and panel systems achieve Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) from 60 minutes through to 240 minutes (tested at CSIRO) and meet or exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories. When building with Hebel, you’re building with peace-of-mind that your home is safe and secure.

Up to 3 hours of fire resistance.

Hebel achieves an FRL from 60 minutes to 240 minutes.